The Dark Syndicate Hierarchy

Adventure Update
Session 1-6

The group was sitting at the hottest bar in town, “The Beast with Two Backs”. A lovely but distressed dwarf female runs up to the party in tears saying, “You all look like adventurers, please! Help me find my brother!”

The party couldn’t refuse this damsel in distress. They followed her to the mines where her brother never surfaced from. The party went in bravely, fighting off spiders, small earth elementals that the chaotic cleric drenched with his inability to not create water. They came across a small band of goblins and their bugbear leader holding the dwarf prisoner. After defeating the small group of intruders, the party realizes the dwarf captive was not the dwarf they were looking for! It was the unconscious dwarf they find later in the mines. The party brings him to safety.

After reuniting the recently saved dwarf and his sister, the siblings and the other rescued dwarf explain that the town has been under a silent siege of goblin thieves. The party brings these exclamations to the head General of the region, General Hakar. He notes the location of the goblin hideout and sends the party there to clear it out and rid the city of them.

The party rolls their raggity asses on to the goblin hideout. Room by room, the party slays all resistance. They come across a room with multiple holding cells and slay the beefy jailer. He drops a key allowing the party to free yet another dwarf (Jesus, those fuckers get caught easily…) who explains the leader of the group is a ruthless orc named Grom who has a minotaur for a pet. The party brushes this info off, rolls downstairs and easily dispatches Grom’s beloved pet. Grom is angered and allows the party to enter his chamber. Little did he know that the party was more of a match, and gets walloped like Batman’s enemies back in the last 60’s. [ZING] [WHAP] [ZOWIE] The party looks around the room and notices a map of the known world and then some with thick red lines connecting the town the group currently resides in with multiple areas known to the players as well as a few areas that non of the players are familiar with. The locations that the red lines intersect are noted with large black and purple ovals. The closest to the group was identified as Fangwood Keep, an outpost under the control of General Hakar.

The party returns General Hakar and explains what they found in Grom’s hideout. Hakar is extremely worried by the news, but will not explain why. He instead tells the party about an ‘Arena Challenge’ he is putting on looking for the strongest adventuring/mercenary group in the region. If the party survives the six challenges and all other survivors, the party will win the bid for an exceptional quest with great reward.

The party accepts.

  • First challenge was a forest archer challenge, easily dispatched.
  • Second was an urban setting with many traps and sneaky rogues and archers from balconies. Mere child’s play to the party.
  • Third was a snow cavern setting with an ice salamander and falling stalactites. Again, easily passed.
  • Fourth, a dungeon setting with a mad gnome summoner. The gnome goes bonkers and summons a nasty bearded devil and his six buddies. The devil, enraged by the gnome disturbing his evil plans, decapitates the gnome with his glaive and turns towards the party. No biggie, says the party as they send that fucker back to Satanland where he belongs.
  • Fifth was a mountain setting. A troll and his two wolf pets stand guard as the party mercilessly slays them with little resistance.

What could the last challenge be? Will the party have to fight another successful party? If they do, how many? Only one way to find out!

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